Our approach to corporate social responsibility

Because we firmly believe that it is our duty to act responsibly to create sustainable, shared value.

Our CSR podcasts

Discover key CSR topics at POST in a podcast in collaboration with Lëtzebuerger Journal.

Our CSR news

POST launches a committed series of 2023 Christmas stamps

The motifs for the 2023 Christmas stamps are somewhat surprising, inviting us to reflect on the consequences of climate change.

Our CSR news

POST is committed to human rights.

The company has signed the National Pact on Business and Human Rights, thereby committing itself to integrating the United Nations' guiding principles on human rights into its activities.

Our CSR news

Presentation of the electrification of POST Luxembourg's vehicle fleet

The company is aiming to have 90% electric vehicles in its entire fleet by 2026.

Our CSR news

Sustainable development at POST

Our aim at POST is to create long-term value for our community.

POST’s social responsibility policy, established in 2008 and known by the RESPECT acronym, covers seven commitments. Over the years, these commitments have become an integral part of our day-to-day activities, reflected in how we serve our customers, create accessible products and services, and act ethically and responsibly.

  • P Profitability
  • E Employability
  • S Security
  • P Products
  • E Ethics
  • K Knowledge
  • T Terra


Achieving carbon neutrality by 2050 requires us to act on multiple fronts, including CO2 emissions reductions, energy efficiency, rational use of resources and product circularity.

POST is responsible for a sizeable carbon footprint through its postal and telecoms services.


For POST, corporate social responsibility is not just about addressing concerns relating to diversity and inclusion. It is also about quality of life at work for all our employees. In fulfilling our duties as a state-owned organisation, we contribute to social cohesion and play a key role in society.

Our efforts in favour of diversity and inclusion go beyond our legal obligations and are reflected in, for example, our accessible products and services, accessible banking, a daily postal service to every house in Luxembourg, and the wide array of jobs we offer.

Our certifications

ESR label

Launched by the Institut national du développement durable (INDR), the ESR label recognises socially responsible companies in Luxembourg.

Learn more about ESR

SuperDrecksKëscht label

A local quality label awarded to companies that have adopted an environmentally friendly waste management plan.

Learn more about SDK

Our partners

Solina Aarbeschtshëllef

Recycling old mobile phones in their professional integration workshop in Bertrange.

Learn more about Solina Aarbechtshëllef

Caritas Luxembourg

Identifying people in need.

Learn more about Caritas Luxembourg

Digital Inclusion

Refurbishing and distributing old smartphones.

Learn more about Digital Inclusion

Ligue HMC

Reconditioning PostTV decoders.

Learn more about Ligue HMC

Touch points

Helping refugees access banking services Learn more about Touch points

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Supplier Code of Conduct

The Procurement Department has developed a code of conduct to promote purchasing and subcontracting in line with POST Luxembourg's CSR approach.

Integrated Report 2022

Discover how POST creates value for all our stakeholders and Luxembourg, as well as the CSR approach that is embedded in all our activities.