Your electronic devices are still valuable!

Help save the planet with us. Don’t let your old smartphones, decoders and modems gather dust in a corner somewhere.

They still have life in them yet!

Recycling at POST

In addition to the devices it sells, POST is also responsible for refurbishing them. We accept returns in all our shops.

The devices are sorted and if they still work, they are refurbished in workshops and sent to companies in Luxembourg for reuse.

Old phones are donated to people in need and devices are installed at new customers’ homes. Any defective devices are dismantled. Their components are sorted for recycling and used to create new objects.


Protect the environment and breathe new life into your appliances! By returning them to POST, you're helping us to recycle and reuse them.


Your old appliances are refurbished in sheltered workshops in Luxembourg.


Give your old phones a second life. If they still work, they are given to people in need.

Give your old devices a new lease of life

At POST, we are committed to refurbishing 100% of the telecom devices we sell. We accept mobile phones, FRITZ!Boxes (modems), PostTV decoders, cables and accessories in all our shops.


Assess it, recycle it – your phone can have a second life.

FRITZ!Box modem

You can hand in your FRITZ!Box modems, either in our shops or during a call-out.

PostTV decoder

Give it to the call-out technician, or take it back to a shop and we'll take care of the rest.

How to return your devices ?

You can deposit your equipment in the boxes available in all POST Telecom shops.

  • Mobile phones/phones:
    Remember to reset them before handing them in.
  • TV decoder: 
    Please bring back the remote control and power cable together with your TV decoder. Please be sure to contact a sales consultant to confirm the handover before placing the decoder with its accessories in the box.

By returning your old devices to our shops or leaving them with our technicians, you are giving them a second life, helping disadvantaged people and creating jobs in professional integration with our local partners!

Our partners

Solina Aarbeschtshëllef

Recycling old mobile phones in their professional integration workshop in Bertrange.

Learn more about Solina Aarbechtshëllef

Caritas Luxembourg

Identifying people in need.

Learn more about Caritas Luxembourg

Digital Inclusion

Refurbishing and distributing old smartphones.

Learn more about Digital Inclusion

Ligue HMC

Reconditioning PostTV decoders.

Learn more about Ligue HMC

Touch points

Helping refugees access banking services Learn more about Touch points

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Procurement Department has developed a code of conduct to promote purchasing and subcontracting in line with POST Luxembourg's CSR approach.

Integrated Report 2022

Discover how POST creates value for all our stakeholders and Luxembourg, as well as the CSR approach that is embedded in all our activities.