About us

The POST Group is the leading provider of postal and telecom & ICT services in Luxembourg, and also offers a range of financial services.

Who are we?

A multi-business group

The POST Group is a 100% state-owned, multi-business company serving individuals, businesses and institutions. The POST Luxembourg Group is composed of various subsidiaries, each specialising in their own complementary field. With more than 4,600 employees from 54 different nationalities working for the Group, POST Luxembourg is one of the country’s top employers. 

A universal commitment

POST’s commitment to the public interest is part of its universal service and public utility role. Guaranteeing access to critical services for all, taking specific care to include at-risk communities, we are a company with a positive societal impact and are an integral part of the nation. 

A trusted local partner

Over the past ten years, the POST Group has transformed itself by leaning into its values. For one thing, we cover the entire country. Our contact centre is in Luxembourg and provides services in five different languages. Every day, our teams of mail carriers, newspaper distributors and delivery people are out and about on the streets. Not only that, but we have a hundred or so employees who make up the largest sales network in the country. 

A changing business

POST Luxembourg is the country’s leading postal, telecoms and information & communication technologies (ICT) operator, as well as the main financial institution supporting financial inclusion for the most vulnerable.

Over the past ten years, the company has transformed itself while continuing to be a reliable partner each and every day. 

Telecom & ICT

A leading Telecom & ICT player, the POST Group has become the key architect of the digital transformation of society. Both nationally and internationally, the company boasts technological expertise in communication networks, digitalisation, data management and cyber security. 

The Telecom & ICT business consists of two entities, POST Technologies and POST Telecom S.A., as well as six ICT subsidiaries. Together, they actively contribute to the country’s economic development and digital transformation. POST Technologies develops and operates fixed and mobile networks and makes them available to other operators. POST Telecom S.A., a wholly owned subsidiary of POST Luxembourg, advises and supports personal and business customers in their digital transformation through a wide range of services. 

Mail & Logistic

Given the decline in the volume of letters, the Mail business has evolved towards the sorting and distribution of parcels, as well as the provision of value-added logistics services in Luxembourg and abroad. 

POST Courrier distributes mail five days a week and delivers Luxembourg’s daily newspapers by 6.30 am. Its subsidiary Michel Greco S.A. is active in the sectors of standard and express mail and parcel delivery. The business also manages a network of more than 115 sales outlets, which it either owns or operates via partners. 


POST Finance, which offers current account maintenance services, a wide range of bank cards and digital payment methods, has redesigned its offer around inclusion and the need for every individual to have access to modern, secure and easy-to-use payment methods. 

Since its creation in 1911, POST Finance has adopted a social inclusion approach, contributing to the accessibility of banking and financial services. It ensures that everyone, especially the most vulnerable and older people, can have access to a bank account and simple, reliable payment methods, or can carry out transactions at one of its many sales outlets located nationwide. 

Reflecting changes in society

Ensuring our public service missions

Our public and universal service missions are designed to meet the present and future needs of Luxembourg's population and businesses. The essential services we provide are the collection, sorting and delivery of postal items and parcels five days a week, access to a bank account, and the provision of basic telephone and Internet services at affordable prices.

Reducing our environmental impact

Global warming is a reality that we are facing and that we are trying to tackle as a company. In our telecoms and logistics businesses, we have to offer ever more connectivity and deliver ever more parcels. It is in response to these major challenges that the company is committed to intensifying its efforts towards the climate transition by reducing its energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Promoting social inclusion

Faced with social challenges, POST acts by guaranteeing the same rights and a quality working environment to all its employees and promotes the inclusion of young adults by offering work, with or without qualifications. POST is also developing numerous partnerships with players in Luxembourg's social economy. By fulfilling our missions as a public establishment, we contribute to social cohesion and play a key role in society.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Procurement Department has developed a code of conduct to promote purchasing and subcontracting in line with POST Luxembourg's CSR approach.

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