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Presentation of the electrification of POST Luxembourg's vehicle fleet

08 September 2023

The company is aiming to have 90% electric vehicles in its entire fleet by 2026.


On Wednesday 9 August 2023, POST Luxembourg presented its approach to the electrification of its vehicle fleet in the presence of the Minister for the Economy, Franz Fayot, and members of the POST Luxembourg management committee. The visit was an opportunity to give a detailed presentation of the recharging infrastructure and the various vehicles in POST's electric operational fleet, including eco-driving training.

The site chosen for the presentation was the Bascharage Regional Distribution Centre, the first POST Luxembourg site to have, with its 40 AC charging points and 1 DC charging point, 100% of the recharging infrastructure required for the fleet of operational vehicles to be fully electrified. Of the 38 operational vehicles at the Bascharage Distribution Centre, 33 are 100% electric.

By the end of 2023, POST Luxembourg will have a total of almost 500 charging stations at 17 sites, enabling around 300 electric vehicles from POST Courrier and POST Technologies to be supplied with electricity, entirely covered by green certificates. As well as deploying a sufficient number of charging points, another decisive factor in the electrification of a site is the ability to adapt the electricity network using sub-distributors and transformers, which has already been done at POST Luxembourg.

Pierre Zimmer, Directeur général adjoint, said: "At POST, we believe that there is no reason why a fleet cannot be electrified, provided that there is a clear commitment to doing so. POST has been a pioneer in this field for over twenty years now, and by 2026 we are aiming to have 90% of all our vehicles running on electric power. This means that most of the commercial vehicles needed for mail distribution and technical interventions on the network or at POST Telecom customers' premises will run on electricity. In addition, company cars will also be electrified". The remaining tenth of the fleet is made up of trucks, tractors and bulldozers, for which electric technology is not yet mature.

The Minister for the Economy, Franz Fayot, emphasised: "As the minister responsible for POST Luxembourg, I am delighted that the group is setting an example and giving such a major boost to electromobility in Luxembourg. In this way, POST is contributing to the government's objectives for a more sustainable future for the economy and society, while at the same time benefiting from the subsidies put in place by the government for the installation of recharging points at businesses."

Regardless of the type of vehicle or journey, eco-driving is about travelling in a vehicle in an intelligent way. This training, offered to all POST Luxembourg employees, was also presented at the event. In addition to the economic benefits in terms of reduced fuel consumption, this type of driving also has undeniable advantages in terms of road safety.

About POST Luxembourg

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Founded in 1842 as an administration, POST Luxembourg has been a public company owned by the Luxembourg State since 1992. Facilitating the communication and transmission of information, data and content between individuals and businesses in Luxembourg and around the world is the vision of the POST Luxembourg Group.

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