Our values support our strategy and are the pillars of our efforts

They give meaning to our vision, our missions and our goals. 
They have helped bring individuals and companies closer together, both in Luxembourg and throughout the world. 


  • Modernity is the spirit of innovation and increased quality that we apply to our organisation, our products and our services; 
  • It is also the solutions that accompany technological progress and improve the comfort and satisfaction of our customers; 
  • It is furthermore our continuous desire to adapt and evolve; this innovation must be consistent on all levels... across our core businesses and activities. 


  • Openness is our approach to future challenges; 
  • It is our closeness. It is our ability to comprehend, listen and understand and to better serve the needs of our customers and employees in a proactive manner; 
  • It is our support and encouragement of creativity and initiatives; 
  • And finally, it is the accessibility to all our technologies, services, information and partners... over the phone, via the internet or in our sales outlets. 


  • Simplicity is the warmth, quality and authenticity of our welcome and services, but also of our human, phone and electronic contact; 
  • It is the ease of becoming one of our customers - always simple and accessible to the customer in all interactions; 
  • It is our efforts to rationalise procedures and improve customer service; 
  • It is the willingness to offer all our services in a turnkey package via one central and unique point of contact. 


  • Commitment is the earnestness, quality and rigour with which we respect our commitments, both in terms of our services and our partners ; 
  • It is our social responsibility and effort towards sustainable development. It is our contribution to employment and training?; 
  • It is our ethical and ecological conduct while undertaking our daily activities. More generally, it is our involvement in the economic and social life of the country in accordance with our deep beliefs. 


  • Luxembourg is our history; it is the nature of our global service and our public service mission for each and every one; 
  • Our foundation in 1842 marked and strengthened the autonomy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, because a country without communication and exchange systems is never a sovereign state ; 
  • Since becoming the state postal service after the country's independence in 1867, our company has continued to aid Luxembourg in establishing its identity and in its economic and social positioning. 

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Procurement Department has developed a code of conduct to promote purchasing and subcontracting in line with POST Luxembourg's CSR approach.

Integrated Report 2022

Discover how POST creates value for all our stakeholders and Luxembourg, as well as the CSR approach that is embedded in all our activities.