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POST launches a committed series of 2023 Christmas stamps

01 December 2023

For several years, POST is pursuing a a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategy.

The fight against climate change is an integral part of POST’s commitments. Isabelle Faber, Director of Human Resources, Public Relations and CSR: Our role is not just to work internally to reduce our impact on the environment, but also to take action to raise awareness of the climate issues around us. We want to be real agents of change”

In all its activities, POST makes a point of promoting appropriate awareness and individual and collective responsibility. The smallest gesture or message can help to protect what we hold dear. It’s important to do everything we can, together, to ensure that future generations can enjoy the same living conditions as we do today.

For this year’s edition, we have deliberately refrained from ennobling the stamps to support the message we wanted to get across.

The motifs on the 2023 Christmas stamps are surprising, to say the least: a melting snowman and a sweating Boxemännchen. While the style of graffiti artist Alain Welter may make you smile at first glance, the illustrations also encourage reflection on the consequences of climate change.

About Alain Welter

Alain Welter is a Luxembourg graffiti artist. After graduating from the BTK (Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule), he returned to Luxembourg to breathe colour into its walls, fences, bridges, facades, cooling towers and offices. He also illustrates magazine covers and has had solo exhibitions in various art galleries.

Mr Welter, you are used to a large canvas, so to speak, how difficult was it to work on such a small format?

“I originally studied illustration. So I can work on both large and small formats. Most of my work in recent years has involved painting on large walls of buildings, so the Post project made a refreshing change.”

The message behind your motifs is unusual; how did you get this idea?

“My style is ironic and I want to be thought-provoking. I have noticed that, for many years now, we have not really had a “White Christmas”. So I think it is important to send a message on the issue of climate change when the opportunity to work for a large company with broad reach arises.”

About POST Luxembourg

POST Luxembourg is the country's leading postal and telecommunications operator, offering its services to residential and business customers. Other activities include postal financial services and philately. With over 4,700 employees working for the company and its subsidiaries, the POST Luxembourg Group is one of Luxembourg's leading employers.

Founded in 1842 as an administration, POST Luxembourg has been a public company owned by the Luxembourg State since 1992. Facilitating the communication and transmission of information, data and content between individuals and businesses in Luxembourg and around the world is the vision of the POST Luxembourg Group.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

The Procurement Department has developed a code of conduct to promote purchasing and subcontracting in line with POST Luxembourg's CSR approach.

Integrated Report 2022

Discover how POST creates value for all our stakeholders and Luxembourg, as well as the CSR approach that is embedded in all our activities.