POST is committed to human rights.

20 September 2023

On Wednesday 20 September 2023, at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, 18 companies, including POST Luxembourg and its subsidiary LuxTrust, signed the National Pact on Business and Human Rights. They join the fifty or so other companies that made this commitment a year ago.

The National Business and Human Rights Pact is an initiative that encourages companies to integrate the United Nations' guiding principles on human rights into their activities.

Signing the Pact is a major step in POST's commitment to human rights, reinforcing its determination to promote ethical and responsible practices, not only internally but also throughout its value chain (i.e. its suppliers in particular).


The commitments involved

By signing this Pact, POST is formalising its commitment to respect and promote human rights in all its activities. This means that the Company undertakes to:

  • Raise awareness among its employees and stakeholders about the protection of human rights in the workplace.
  • Appointing a person responsible for human rights within the organisation.
  • Providing human rights training for relevant employees (including anyone who is required to enter a contract with an external partner).
  • Develop governance tools to identify risks and prevent human rights violations in all its activities.
  • Implement one or more means of redress to deal with reported cases of human rights violations.

Where does POST Luxembourg stand?

Although POST already imposes rules of conduct on its suppliers (via the code of conduct attached to the general terms and conditions of sale), the Company is aware that it needs to go even further to ensure the full effectiveness of human rights in its value chain. 

These commitments will involve carrying out a risk analysis and demanding compliance guarantees from its subsidiaries, subcontractors and suppliers regarding respect for human rights in their respective organisations.

Isabelle Faber, Director of Human Resources, Communications & Public Relations - CSR 

"We are proud of this commitment, but we also recognise that signing such a pact is a powerful act that requires concrete implementation and appropriate governance within POST. This also explains why we took the time before signing to study all the provisions and impacts. By working together with our business partners, we can contribute to ethical supply chains and have a positive impact on the communities in which we operate"

About POST Luxembourg

POST Luxembourg is the country's leading postal and telecommunications operator, offering its services to residential and business customers. Other activities include postal financial services and philately. With over 4,700 employees working for the company and its subsidiaries, the POST Luxembourg Group is one of Luxembourg's leading employers.

Founded in 1842 as an administration, POST Luxembourg has been a public company owned by the Luxembourg State since 1992. Facilitating the communication and transmission of information, data and content between individuals and businesses in Luxembourg and around the world is the vision of the POST Luxembourg Group.

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Supplier Code of Conduct

The Procurement Department has developed a code of conduct to promote purchasing and subcontracting in line with POST Luxembourg's CSR approach.

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