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POST Luxembourg Group

Integrated Report 2019

Through this report, POST Luxembourg presents both the financial performance (profitability) and the extra-financial performance (linked to its commitments in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR) of our Group.

Rapport intégré 2019

Our major achievements and key figures in 2019

Telecom / ICT


Cyberforce team created from EBRC and POST expertise.



POST led no less than 12 IoT projects for its customers in 2019 and participated in 14 government 5G projects.


98 %

of the population covered by POST's 4G.

69 %

of the population has access to 1 Gbit/s fiber.

Post & Logistics

+ 4 million

packages distributed in 2019 (+ 17% compared to 2018).

60% increase in weekly access hours to our points of sale (compared to 2015).

- 4 %

mail drop compared to 2018.

The 100th

PackUp station has been installed.

Financial services


47 % of our customers benefit from the new eBanking application eboo.

nearly 12 million

electronic transactions.


calls were handled by the contact center employees.


points of sale and 112 cash machines.


Serge Allegrezza, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Claude Strasser, Chief Executive Officer of the POST Group review the results for 2019. Together, they discuss the main trends that impact POST Luxembourg's businesses and explain the challenges that the Company is facing.

RESPECT, our corporate social responsibility approach

We aim for a responsible growth of the Group which is not only financial but also social and environmental. We act as a Group by assessing the impact we have on the environment, the society and the economic development of the country and of our stakeholders.

Profitability (Rentabilité)
EBITDA and net profit


Employability (Employabilité)
14 training hours

per employee in average

Security (Sécurité)
3 awards

received in terms of safety

Products (Produits)

weekly opening


of our points of sale

Ethics (Éthique)
64% of the total purchase

volume are local purchases (+ 3%)

Knowledge (Connaissances)

interns and students welcomed in 2019

Earth (Terre)
Construction of the 2nd POST building

without direct carbon emissions

Key financial figures

"Our results have been steadily improving for 5 years. However, our profit margin remains low. It is on this ratio that we must work in the future by increasing the productivity of our resources and reducing our expenses."

LUCA TAGLIABUE, Chief Financial Officer

Access the annual accounts

Revenues (in EUR million)

Chiffre d’affaires (en MEUR)

Tangible and intangible investments (in EUR million)

Investissements corporels et incorporels (en MEUR)

EBITDA and profit for the year (in EUR)

EBITDA et bénéfice de l’exercice (en MEUR)

The main highlights of the POST Luxembourg Group in 2019

Isidro Lopes becomes the new CEO of
Michel Greco S.A.

Editus launches Editus Insight, a marketing intelligence offer focusing on data analysis.


Acquisition and integration by
Victor Buck Services S.A. of the Luxembourg start-up Docunify IP Company.


Elgon & Ainos open an academy and launch the ACT program for their future interns.


2nd Lux4Good hackathon (POST & InTech) linking developers and projects leaders.