Our Fairtrade cotton uniforms

10 May 2024

As part of its corporate social responsibility strategy, POST Luxembourg has launched an initiative to replace usual work clothes with clothing that complies with fair manufacturing and working conditions. 
As such, since November 2020, all staff members in the Courrier and Telecom sales network have been kitted out with organic cotton jackets and sweatshirts that are Fairtrade certified.
Since then, other items have been added to the range of Fairtrade certified work clothing and worn by nearly 1,400 POST employees. 

At the end of 2023, Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg organised a study trip entitled “In the footsteps of our Fairtrade cotton clothing,” in which Cécile Jacquemart, CSR manager of POST Luxembourg, participated. This trip allowed POST Luxembourg to trace the journey of its clothing back to India where they met producers and workers in spinning, weaving and clothing factories. 

Cécile Jacquemart stated: “The starting point for this process was an awareness-raising session for our sustainability committee on sustainable fashion and working conditions in the textile industry by Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg. The first “Rethink Your Clothes” campaign then allowed us to establish contacts with suppliers of ethical clothing, in particular AKABO which has become a true partner in identifying Fairtrade clothing, as it both fulfils Fairtrade criteria and meets requirements regarding quality and high wearing comfort. We hope that other companies will follow our example, because we have shown it is possible.”




POST Luxembourg offers a selection of nine Fairtrade certified items in its clothing range, including blouses, shirts, jackets, long trousers, shorts, long and short sleeve polo shirts, t-shirts and hats.

Raising employee awareness – How to make the best clothing choices 
In 2023, together with Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg, as part of a training lunch, POST invited its employees to become aware of the challenges in the textile sector. During lunch, the workshop organizers shifted between games and explanations to give participants the opportunity to understand the other side of their wardrobe and make them aware of their role as buyers. 

Download infographic: Fairtrade Cycle of reusing pre-worn clothing

About POST Luxembourg

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Supplier Code of Conduct

The Procurement Department has developed a code of conduct to promote purchasing and subcontracting in line with POST Luxembourg's CSR approach.

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