« Why are we here? »

Our mission is to connect people and organisations, day in day out. To enable them to communicate, exchange data, send letters and parcels, carry out financial transactions and, as a result, bring them closer together. And to share emotions too. For over 175 years, we have been playing this special role, central to your lives and activities, always acting responsibly.

Responsibly protecting the data entrusted to us and making our customers’ lives easier.

Responsibly providing useful products and services and developing cutting-edge technologies so that tomorrow’s connectivity requirements can be met.

Responsibly contributing to the country’s economic development and being an employer of choice, whose social model is based on quality employment, diversity and equal opportunities.

And finally, responsibly reducing the footprint left on the environment because of our activities

4.652 employees, 50 different nationalities

A company with a global outlook

POST Luxembourg Group is one of the largest employers in the country, with 4.652 employees working for the company and its subsidiaries in 2018. It has a well-established reputation and is firmly rooted in Luxembourg. It is also an innovative company that adopts an open-minded approach to the world thanks to its constantly evolving activities and the diversity of its staff, who represent 50 different nationalities.

A public institution

POST Luxembourg was founded in 1842 as a public service and has been a wholly state-owned company since 1992. It is the country's largest provider of postal and telecommunications services and also offers financial and philatelic services.

Our postal and financial services

Our postal services ensure the delivery of letter mail 5 days a week throughout the country, the delivery of parcels and express mail, the management of a network of more than 110 sales outlets (post offices or partners) and the distribution of Luxembourg's daily newspapers throughout the country before 6:30 a.m. In view of the decline in letter volumes caused by the digitalisation of communication media, the delivery of letters at POST Courrier is increasingly giving way to logistics and parcel distribution activities.

Our postal financial services offer account management services as well as a wide range of bank cards. With our e-banking solutions (web and mobile), our customers can manage their money and data easily and autonomously, whenever they want and wherever they need it. In addition, POST Finance customers have simplified access to all banking services of our partner Banque Raiffeisen.

Our telecommunications services

Telecommunication services range from fixed and mobile telephony to Internet access and television, as well as many tailor-made services designed for businesses. Owner of its fixed and mobile infrastructures, POST, together with its subsidiary POST Telecom S.A., offers high-speed secure connectivity solutions as well as voice and data management services for individuals and professional customers.
In 2019, POST adopted an ambitious cyber security strategy which brought together all the POST Group’s skills and expertise in a single team, the “POST Cyberforce” team. With POST and EBRC combining their skills and knowledge in the field of cyber security, Cyberforce can provide far-reaching protection for information systems and support POST’s digitalisation strategy and that of its customers who face cyber threats.
The POST Luxembourg Group aims to consolidate its position as leader in the telecommunication industry.
The continued deployment of infrastructures, as well as national and international connectivity, is making a direct contribution to the country’s economic development and its international positioning as a beacon of excellence for ICT.

69 % of the population has access to 1 Gbps fibre broadband

POST Luxembourg has a well-established reputation and is firmly rooted in Luxembourg. It is also an innovative company