Contributing towards a more inclusive society

POST develops a corporate culture that promotes diversity, equal opportunities, and quality of work life for its employees. As a public institution, we also strive to contribute towards a more inclusive society by ensuring everyone has access to high-quality services.

A company forged in Luxembourg’s image

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a cosmopolitan, internationally minded country, with many nationalities among its population. This diversity is also reflected in our company. At POST Group, there are more than 50 nationalities represented among our teams.

Promoting diversity and equity

Diversity is a key lever for achieving our sustainable development goals. It is a source of wealth and contributes to a better understanding of future challenges. Although there is still progress to be made, particularly in terms of the representation of women in positions of responsibility, POST aims to improve diversity and the representation of all groups of people within its teams, at all levels. 

POST has been a signatory, since 2012, of the "Charte de la Diversité Lëtzebuerg", a national charter to promote the management of diversity within signatory organisations through concrete actions that extend beyond legal obligations.

At POST Luxembourg, we want equality to be lived at all levels of the company to ensure the well-being of our employees. As proof of its commitment, POST has applied to take part in the "Actions Positives" program, commissioned by the Ministry of Gender Equality and Diversity (MEGA) to support companies in creating best practices to pave the way for an inclusive economy and an egalitarian society.

Ensuring the quality of work life

To offer excellent service to our customers, it is essential to ensure the well-being at work of our employees. We strive to provide the right working conditions for their roles, paying close attention to health, safety and respect for the human rights of everyone at work.
Raising awareness of respect for all
In 2023, we decided to make the respect a main concern by setting up an internal information and awareness campaign and by creating e-learning modules. The campaign addressed the prevention of harassment, discrimination and microaggressions.

Employability is crucial in a context where our business sectors are constantly evolving and being reorganised. Our employees must be provided with long-term employment prospects.

Isabelle FABER Director of Human Resources, Public Relations & CSR

Developing our employees’ skills

As our activities undergo a major transformation, and to meet the current and future needs of our businesses, we invest considerably in the training of our teams. 

Supporting a more inclusive society

POST plays a major role in social cohesion in Luxembourg by providing safe and useful services that are accessible to all.

Ensuring access to essential services for all

POST Luxembourg’s mission of inclusion is achieved by ensuring everyone has access to a set of key services, such as mail delivery, the access to a bank account and means of payment, and internet and voice connectivity. 

“Approximately 30,000 POST Finance customers do not have bank accounts elsewhere, which is why we continue to assert our commitment to financial inclusion, thus allowing the most vulnerable individuals to have access to a bank account,”
Gabriel de La Bourdonnaye, Director of POST Finance.

Maintaining local services

Inclusion also involves maintaining a local service throughout the country. Our sales network combines physical contact points and digital channels. Whatever the customer’s preference, our desire is to offer an equivalent quality of service. In addition to our physical points of sale, several postal and financial services are accessible via our postal delivery workers, at home, in order to meet the needs of elderly or disabled people.

Providing internet access to all

Our role is also to provide quality infrastructure to all users, whether private, professional, institutional or from the charity sector, and to facilitate their access to digital services and advanced technologies. In this context, the Group asserts itself as a key partner in the construction of a digital Luxembourg, with 84% of the country connected to optical fibre and 94% of the population covered by 5G.

Digital accessibility
POST organised around 20 training sessions for telecom sales advisers. The purpose of this initiative was to raise employee awareness of the difficulties encountered on a daily basis by elderly and disabled people when using mobile equipment.

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Procurement Department has developed a code of conduct to promote purchasing and subcontracting in line with POST Luxembourg's CSR approach.

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