CSR: Together, committed to the future

As part of its activities, which are essential to the functioning of Luxembourg society and the national economic development, our Group intends to act responsibly, taking into consideration all of its societal and environmental impacts, whether positive or negative.

A key role

POST is a major player in the Luxembourg economy, helping to connect people and organisations, and guaranteeing access to a range of essential services. This is why it is important for us to prioritise development within a sustainable approach, by mobilising all our employees and stakeholders around it.

A voluntary approach

Since 2008, POST Luxembourg has been voluntarily addressing the issue of sustainable development, motivated by its responsibility as a public institution to set an example. This is an essential part of our transition to a sustainable economy, reflecting our commitment to creating shared value for our stakeholders as well as for Luxembourg. With the desire to contribute towards the many societal challenges we face, this commitment must help to build our resilience and foster the engagement of our teams.

Our 3 CSR priorities

When the 2023-2027 strategy was determined, time was spent reflecting on what our priority areas of action should be.

Reducing our environmental impact

Minimising our energy consumption and, at the same time, our CO2 emissions.

Promoting a responsible digital transition

Reducing the environmental footprint of the services we offer, supporting the reuse of the technical equipment deployed and guiding our customers towards responsible uses.

Supporting inclusion

Offering high-quality, accessible value-added services.

Making employment opportunities available to everyone, whether they are qualified or not, and ensuring that our staff have long-term employment prospects.

An activity will only be deployed, a project will only be undertaken and a product will only be launched if they meet the dual criteria of profitability and responsibility.”

Claude STRASSER Managing Director of POST Luxembourg

Innovation to support sustainable development

POST’s commitment to tackling CSR issues encourages innovation among our teams. This is reflected in our employees’ desire to explore new ideas and put them into practice, thus creating value for society.

Innovation initiatives

Reducing the number of deaths on the road

POST Luxembourg plays a major role within the European Data For Road Safety consortium, whose objective is to significantly reduce the number of road deaths by 2050.

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When IoT contributes towards saving water

In the municipality of Useldange, POST teams have deployed a Smart Water solution using the Internet of Things (IoT). This makes it possible to optimise the use of drinking water and to prevent any losses of this precious resource.

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Managing network consumption dynamically

Based on data related to our users’ consumption, we are able, for example, to size our networks in real time to guarantee quality service while reducing energy needs.

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Identifying misleading content

Faced with the threat posed by the proliferation of deepfakes through which AI is used to usurp the identity of third parties, POST’s Cyber teams participate in research and development programmes, in collaboration with the University of Luxembourg.

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Our CSR podcasts

Discover key CSR topics at POST in a podcast in collaboration with Lëtzebuerger Journal.

Our certifications

ESR Label

  • Launched by the Institut national du développement durable (INDR), the ESR label recognises socially responsible companies in Luxembourg.

SuperDrecksKëscht Label

  • A local quality label awarded to companies that have adopted an environmentally friendly waste management plan.


  • EcoVadis (a global platform for evaluating and sharing CSR performances) awarded POST Luxembourg a score of 49/100.

    Environment: 50/100
    Social & Human Rights: 60/100

    Areas for improvement
    Ethics: 40/100
    Responsible purchases: 30/100

Our partners

Solina Aarbechtshëllef

Sorting and dismantling of smartphones that no longer work for recycling

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Digital Inclusion

Gives people in need the ability to reuse smartphones that still work

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Ligue HMC

Sorting and dismantling of various electrical and electronic equipment for recycling purposes

Learn more about Ligue HMC

Touch points

Helps refugees access banking services

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Autisme a.s.b.l

Upcycling of POST textiles to create corporate gifts (backpacks, packaging, totes, etc.)

Learn more about Autisme a.s.b.l

2023 annual report

In this integrated report, you will discover how our CSR commitment is part of a continuous improvement process, adapted to the new challenges of society and the expectations of the company's stakeholders.

2023 annual report