POST procurement

POST procurement correlates the company’s requirements with those of our suppliers.

Our mission, our commitment 

The Procurement department's missions and commitments to its POST employees are numerous. 

Our main commitments within POST are as follows: 

Advice and support

Providing POST business units with advice and support for their external expenses


Ensuring support regarding the requirement definition of POST purchases


Managing the purchase orders


Defining POST’s procurement strategy


Managing best practices and ensuring compliance of the procurement process

Corporate Social Responsibility

Applying POST’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy

Ethical procurement

POST Procurement department has developed a Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure the application of the company’s CSR policy.

Code of Conduct

POST Luxembourg is committed to a proactive approach to sustainable development in its purchasing and subcontracting agreements and, more generally, in its relations with third parties.


All POST Luxembourg purchase orders and purchasing agreements are based on these GPTC. 

General Purchase Terms and Conditions

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Procurement Department has developed a code of conduct to promote purchasing and subcontracting in line with POST Luxembourg's CSR approach.

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