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Cactus, CFL, POST and RTL join forces in order to create LuxID, a digital identity solution

13 July 2023

On Thursday July 13, 2023, Cactus, CFL, POST Luxembourg and RTL Luxembourg formed the LuxID economic interest group (EIG). The new EIG formalizes the cooperation between the four players in the development of a common digital identity solution, which will be officially launched at the end of 2023. A detailed presentation of the LuxID solution will take place in the last quarter of 2023. 

LuxID aims to provide a common, secure login solution and offers a unified experience on websites, online platforms and applications. LuxID presents itself as an alternative to authentication solutions offered by well-known social media players. In addition to its four initial partners, this initiative is intended to be used as widely as possible and will be aimed at companies of all sizes in Luxembourg and the Greater Region, as well as public-sector players. LuxID will be made available to companies and institutions based on an annual fee adapted to the number of their respective end-users. 

LuxID will be designed so that ongoing development can maintain the level of security over the long term, and additional functions can be added for future use cases. 

Available by the end of 2023, the LuxID digital identity solution will be 100% hosted in the Grand Duchy by POST Luxembourg and will enable users to manage their personal data and control access transparently, in compliance with data protection regulations. 

(Source de la photo : Cactus, CFL, POST Luxembourg, RTL Luxembourg, 13 juillet 2023)
(de g. à dr.) : Tom Weber, Digital Director de RTL Luxembourg ; Christophe Goossens, CEO de RTL Luxembourg ; Pierre Zimmer, Directeur général adjoint de POST Luxembourg ; Marc Wengler, Directeur général des CFL ; Max Leesch, Président et administrateur-délégué du groupe Cactus ; Laurent Schonckert, Administrateur-directeur du groupe Cactus.

(Source : Cactus, CFL, POST Luxembourg, RTL Luxembourg, 13 juillet 2023)

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