POST procurement correlates the company’s requirements with those of our suppliers.

Our mission, our commitment:

The Procurement department ensures several tasks and responsibilities within POST Luxembourg. 

Our main commitments within POST are as follows:

  • Providing POST business units with advice and support for their external expenses;
  • Ensuring support regarding the requirement definition of POST purchases;
  • Optimising external expenses;
  • Defining POST’s procurement strategy;
  • Managing best practices and ensuring compliance of the procurement process;
  • Applying POST’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy;
  • Managing the purchase orders

Ethical procurement:

POST Procurement department has developed a Supplier Code of Conduct to ensure the application of the company’s CSR policy.

This document can be downloaded in French and English French English

General Purchase Terms and Conditions (GPTC):

All POST Luxembourg purchase orders and purchasing agreements are based on these GPTC. 

They are available in French, German and English.
French German English


If you require any information from the POST Luxembourg Procurement department, please forward your request to: