We want to hear your opinion!

To our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders

In our CSR approach, we want to take your opinion into account: what do you think about our current approach and what are your priority expectations concerning the future evolution of our actions?
Thank you in advance for your comments and suggestions. 

We guarantee the confidentiality in the processing of your answers.
For more information on this report and our CSR approach, please send an e-mail to rse@post.lu.

What is your relationship with the Group POST Luxembourg?

2. How did you learn about our 2016 CSR report?

3. Based on this report, do you consider the CSR approach of the Group POST Luxembourg to be relevant and transparent?

4. What are the strengths of the Group POST approach and CSR Report 2016?
5. Where do you see potential improvements for the future (report, initiatives,...)?
6. Which of the following themes do you consider to be relevant (financial, social, environmental) for the Group POST Luxembourg and its stakeholders?
Much relevant Moderately relevant Less relevant Not relevant at all
Themes « RESPECT »
Profitability and sustainable growth of the Group POST Luxembourg (positive financial results, diversification)
Contribution to the national economic tissue (investments, support of entrepreneurship and innovation, recruitment, …)
Markets, regulation and competition
Risk management
Wellbeing at work (personal development, training, work-environment, health)
Internal mobility
Equal chances
Security of equipments and infrastructures
Security of information and data
Security at workplace
Accessibility-proximity of our products and services (online access, sales network, geographical coverage)
Quality of our products and services (customer experience, quality indicators)
Social utility and eco-responsibility of our products and services
Compliance (respect of the legal framework)
Chartas and codes of conduct
Responsible procurement
Sharing of knowledge and best practices (inside and outside the company)
Support of education and learning (apprenticeship, student shadowing)
Local CSR commitment (awareness raising, relations with NGOs)
Property assets (preservation)
CO2 emissions (reduction)
Consumption of material and energy (paper, electricity, fuel, gas)
Sustainable constructions
Waste management
Themes of « 3rd Industrial Revolution Luxembourg »¹
Responsible energies (renewable energies, storage, smart metering,…)
Responsible mobility (public transportation, soft mobility, innovative-zero CO2 logistics,…)
Food (production, distribution, consumption)
Transformation of the industrial economy (new business models)
Innovation in finance (FinTech, impact investment, participative finance,…)
Smart economy (digitalization serving sustainability,…)
Circular economy (optimisation, ressource efficiency and sharing)
Social and consumption models (employment, taxes, work organisation,…)
Other themes
Electromagnetic radiation
Ageing of the population
Technological innovation
Evolution of needs and consumption/communication habits
Limited natural resources

¹ www.troisiemerevolutionindustrielle.lu

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