POST Luxembourg, a company that...

  • ... gives you a minimum of 27 days off per year.
  • ... has a proven history of stability.
  • ... offers real career opportunities for young people and experts.
  • ... offers flexibility through teleworking and additional holidays.
  • ... allows you to reduce your telephone bill through discounts on our telecom products.
  • ... has an attractive collective agreement.
  • ... acts responsibly and with respect towards its employees and stakeholders!
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Our daily life in pictures

Our CSR commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about how a company contributes to sustainable development.
Our CSR approach covers seven areas of action. It is known by the acronym "RESPECT".

POST Luxembourg - RESPECT

(Profitability, Ethics, Safety, Products, Employability, Knowledge, Earth)

Our values

POST Luxembourg has five values that are easily remembered by the acronym "MOSEL".

POST Luxembourg - MOSEL

(Modernity, Openness, Simplicity, Commitment, Luxembourg)

Luxembourg, in the heart of Europe, the best choice for your career!


  • +600.000 inhabitants
  • 47 % foreign nationals, +180 nationalities
  • 73.5 % foreign citizens in the active population (foreign residents and cross-border workers)


  • Gross domestic product: US$ 73.26 billion in 2020. GDP per capita is one of the highest in the world.
  • Almost 65 % of all goods and services produced here are exported
  • AAA-rated economy
POST Luxembour - Luxembourg Heart of Europe