Decision-making bodies


POST is a public company since 1992. The Luxembourg state is the sole shareholder.

The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) consists of 16 members, including eight representatives of the State, owner of the share capital of POST Luxembourg, six representatives nominated by staff and two independent administrators.

The Board:

  • establishes the company’s strategy;
  • approves the budget (in terms of operation and investment), the consolidated annual accounts of POST Luxembourg Group, the statutory annual accounts of de POST Luxembourg, the incorporation of subsidiaries and branches, shareholdings in private and public companies as well as the company’s organigram;
  • approves the collective bargaining agreements;
  • hires/nominates and terminates the contract of the managing director and sets the salary of the managing director and other directors if they are on private law contracts;
  • any termination of a shareholding in a subsidiary must, furthermore, be approved by a two-thirds majority of the BoD.


M. Serge ALLEGREZZA, representative of the State


M. Jean-Luc KAMPHAUS, representative of the State


M. Pierre DA SILVA, representative of the personnel
Mme. Sandra DENIS , representative of the State
M. Udo FELL, representative of the personnel
M. Jean-Marie HEYDER, representative of the personnel
M. Hans-Ulrich HÜGLI, independent administrator
Mme. Ginette JONES, independent administrator
M. Raymond JUCHEM, representative of the personnel
M. Günter MIRKES, representative of the personnel
Mme. Anne-Catherine RIES, representative of the State
Mme. Marie-Josée RIES, representative of the State
M. Claude RUCKERT, representative of the personnel
M. Gaston STRONCK, representative of the State
M. Ricky WOHL, representative of the State
M. Jean-Paul ZENS, representative of the State

M. Guy MODERT, Secretary of the Board of Directors

Oversight is shared between the Board of Directors and the government/ministry council trustees (Ministry of the Economy). This body:

  • approves budgets and annual accounts;
  • approves significant real-estate transactions;
  • approves the hiring/dismissal of the managing director;
  • nominates the auditor.

Furthermore, the Board of Directors shall rely on the works of three specialised committees stemming from the BoD:

The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is responsible, on the one hand, for approving the auditor's plan, assessing the auditor’s report, as well as the follow-up of the auditor’s recommendations regarding improvements to the organisation and internal oversight. On the other hand, the Audit Committee ensures internal oversight, the compliance with the legal and statutory provisions as well the rules of the regulatory authority (CSSF) for drawing up the annual accounts and consolidated annual accounts. The Audit Committee is also responsible for verifying the risk compliance management.

Composition: Michel Brachmond (chairman), Serge Allegrezza (vice-chairman), Jean-Luc Kamphaus, Marie-Josée Ries and Jean-Paul Zens (members), Guy Modert (secretary)


Risk-Management Committee

​The Risk-Management Committee oversees the strategic position of POST Luxembourg in terms of the management of significant risks, including IT security. It establishes the acceptable level of risk for POST Luxembourg and assists the committee as regards the publication of risk management and IT security policies for POST Luxembourg.

Composition: Michel Brachmond (chairman), Serge Allegrezza, Jean-Luc Kamphaus, Jean-Marie Heyder, Axel Ludwig, Anne-Catherine Ries and Marie-Josée Ries (members), Guy Modert (secretary)


​Nomination and remuneration Committee

​The Nomination and Remuneration Committee draws up the succession plans for the members of the Executive Committee and supports the committee in drafting a remuneration policy for the members of the Executive Committee.

Composition: Serge Allegrezza (chairman), Jean-Luc Kamphaus, Pierre Ahlborn and Romain Fouarge (members), Guy Modert (secretary)

Executive Committee

Placed under the responsibility of the managing director, the Executive Committee of POST Luxembourg is responsible for the day-to-day management of POST Luxembourg.

The Executive Committee of POST Luxembourg consists of six members and is presided over by its managing director, Claude Strasser, who is supported by two deputy managing directors, Jos Glod and Pierre Zimmer. The directors Gaston Bohnenberger (POST Technologies), Cliff Konsbruck (POST Telecom) and Hjoerdis Stahl (POST Courrier) are members of the Executive Committee.

Directly answerable to Claude Strasser, four directors complete the management team in their respective positions: Valérie Ballouhey-Dauphin (POST Finance and CSR), Luc Welter (Marketing, Communication, Philately), Gabriel de La Bourdonnaye (Legal affairs) and Claude Olinger (Human resources).

The POST management team consists of these ten directors.



The Executive Committee of POST Luxembourg (left to right) : Gaston Bohnenberger, Pierre Zimmer, Claude Strasser, Jos Glod, Hjoerdis Stahl, and Cliff Konsbruck


Composition of the Executive Commitee​

Claude Strasser
Managing director

Jos Glod
Deputy managing director

Pierre Zimmer
Deputy managing director

Gaston Bohnenberger

Cliff Konsbruck

Hjoerdis Stahl