POST Luxembourg is governed by the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee under the responsibility of the managing director.

The Board of Directors sets out the broad vision of POST Luxembourg and the strategy of the POST Luxembourg Group. Furthermore, it monitors the role of the managing director and his Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day management of POST Luxembourg. The Board is supported in achieving its mandate and assignments by various special committees (Audit Committee, Risk-Management Committee, Nomination and Remuneration Committees).

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Law of 15 March 2016

The Law of 15 March 2016 modernised the governance of POST Luxembourg Group without calling into question its overall and public service assignments, or its status as a public body.

The governance has been tailored to the competitive nature of the market and the need to efficiently manage its departments through a simplification of the decision-making process, improve its ability to respond to the market and provide greater flexibility in the organisation of the POST Luxembourg Group as well as more transparency in the workings of the management bodies.

The Board of Directors has also had its powers strengthened.

The old Management Committee has been disbanded. A new Executive Committee was created by the Law of 15 March 2016 which shall support the managing director in the day-to-day management of POST Luxembourg. The law lays down the abandonment of the principle of shared responsibility: each director shall have specific responsibilities and shall no longer be responsible for the decisions made for all departments.

Directors may be hired either according to civil servant status or private law contracts.

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Governance Charter of POST Luxembourg and the POST Luxembourg Group

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