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Carmen Engels
L-2020 Luxembourg


POST Luxembourg first Luxembourgish operator to offer free WiFi Calling

Launched by POST in December 2017 as a national premiere, the WiFi Calling option is now free in the main mobile packages of POST Luxembourg.

WiFi Calling is a technology that allows to make calls from a mobile phone using a WiFi network without using the mobile network. When moving between a WiFi network and the POST mobile network (and vice versa), communication continues without interruption. As additional advantages, this technology greatly improves user comfort and experience: call set-up time is almost instantaneous and it allows calls with High Definition sound quality.

POST is the first operator in Luxembourg to generalise WiFi Calling, at no extra cost, in its main mobile packages SCOUBIDO 3, BusinessEurope and Business Mobile Solutions.

For a better comfort of use, no additional application is necessary, calls are normally made from the contacts directory and are deducted from the mobile plan (or charged at a voice call rate when the customer does not have a mobile plan). WiFi Calling is currently only available from Luxembourg. Mobile data volume is not used. POST's WiFi Calling works with compatible devices running iOS and Android. To benefit from this, the customer must have the latest system update and activate the feature via and on his smartphone. The list of compatible devices and instructions for activating WiFi Calling are available on

Cliff Konsbruck, Director of POST Telecom, emphasises: "The implementation of WiFi Calling in our main mobile packages aims to offer the best possible experience to our customers. It is part of POST's innovation strategy and part of our network evolution towards 5G."

At the end of 2017, POST Luxembourg was the first operator in Luxembourg to launch Voice over Long Term Evolution (VoLTE), which allows POST customers to make calls directly via the 4G network, which until then was only possible in 2G or 3G. This allows the user to continue surfing, downloading or sharing content while making a call. This is convenient when for example the smartphone is used as a GPS in a car and a call is received. The switchover to the 2G or 3G network is done automatically in case of loss of the 4G network and this without interruption for the customer. It is technically mandatory to have activated VoLTE before activating WiFi Calling.

Press contact:

POST Luxembourg
Carmen Engels
Tel. : (+352) 2424-4224

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