Corporate Social Responsibility


Acting responsibly is an integral part of our corporate and group strategy. We fully embrace our responsibilities, whether economic, social, societal or environmental. 

For the coming years, in accordance with our CSR strategy and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) we have chosen the acronym RESPECT (in French: Rentabilité-Employabilité-Sécurité-Produits-Ethique-Connaissances-Terre) to structure and communicate our CSR-strategy.

We encourage our internal and external stakeholders to exchange experiences with us and to follow us in this important effort for our own benefit and the world of business in which we are active.

Our 2017-CSR Report

Published on 7 July 2017, our 5th CSR-Report is the 4th in a row to have been verified in accordance with the Global Initiative Reporting (GRI) G4 methodology.

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Sustainable development / CSR


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Respect of our customers, our employees and our planet: our commitment for sustainability is RESPECT.
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The „Suppliers' code of conduct “ demonstrates the willingness of POST Luxembourg to promote our high level standards in terms of corporate social responsibility within our supply chain.

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