Nos thématiques RESPECT

Rentabilité (Profitability)

Why is profitability at POST Luxembourg Group imperative? As a key player in the national economy, we want to continue to employ more than 4,300 people and offer useful quality services and products to everyone (households, businesses, national and international institutions). The sustainable growth of our business and entities goes hand in hand with the pursuit of our business diversification strategy. Our infrastructure investments serve the country's future and our own sustainability.


Why do we want our products and services to become the benchmark in the market? Because POST Luxembourg Group is a provider of public and universal services for the entire population and economy. Faced with changes in consumer habits and increasingly demanding customers, we want to improve customer experience by focusing on the accessibility and quality of our services and products. We also want to differentiate ourselves from competitors by innovating and including the notions of social utility and eco-responsibility.


Why are ethics important for (the) POST Luxembourg Group? Because there is a legal and regulatory framework as well as a code of conduct to follow within the company. Ethics are also criteria for our purchases and supplier selection process. We are continually improving the effectiveness and transparency of our governance.


Why is employability a priority at POST Luxemboug Group? Because in a rapidly changing world, it is important to develop everyone's skills. We offer opportunities for personal development through training and internal mobility. We invest in employee well-being by promoting a healthy, efficient and friendly environment as well as diversity and equal opportunities.

Connaissances (Knowledge)

What is the link between knowledge and social responsibility? Sharing our knowledge internally and with the outside world allows everyone to better understand the challenges that the company and the world around us are facing. POST Luxembourg Group does so by informing its employees about its strategy, educating schoolchildren on its good practices, opening its doors to interns and developing partnerships with schools (e.g. Ecole Telecom Nancy). We also try to raise awareness of sustainable development among local communities.


Why is security a key element of POST Luxembourg Group's success? Because the risks associated with our activities are increasing and cyber crime is a growing threat. It is therefore essential to ensure workplace safety, the protection of our equipment and infrastructure, and the security of our customers' information and data. We continually adapt our internal equipment and procedures, and offer our clients trustworthy services.


Why is POST Luxembourg Group concerned about its impact on the environment? We are making serious efforts to combat climate change, whether it be by minimizing CO2 emissions from our vehicles, data centres or other buildings, or by reducing our energy consumption and waste. In addition, CO2 emissions savings give rise to substantial cost reduction for POST Luxembourg Group.

En 2017, le Groupe POST Luxembourg a publié son 5ème rapport extra financier

«The desire of our group is to develop our activities in a manner that respects our customers, collaborators and suppliers, and, whenever possible, the natural environment».

Claude Strasser,

«We chose the word "RESPECT" to symbolize our collective commitment within POST Luxembourg Group to act as a responsible company. RESPECT invites us to innovate with respectful products and services, to create and maintain sustainable relationships with our partners and, as a company, to be among the forerunners of the Third Industrial Revolution in Luxembourg.

Valérie Ballouhey-Dauphin,