Our approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We strive for responsible growth of the Group that is not only financial, but also social and ecological. As a Group, we act by assessing the impact we have on the environment, society and the economic development of the country as well as our stakeholders. Over the years, our approach, initiated in 2012, has been anchored in our operational processes, in the way we serve our customers or interact with our suppliers and through the involvement of our employees.

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Interview RSE Isabelle Faber

Discover clothing recycling at POST

Découvrir le recyclage des vêtements chez POST

Act with RESPECT

Our approach to corporate social responsibility is built around the acronym RESPECT and covers 7 priority areas for action.

Nos principales réalisations RSE en 2019


In 2021, POST has reconditioned more than 1,500 TV set-top boxes for reuse

POST takes back 100% of the telecom devices it sells, where possible, to give them a second life.
Recovered materials: the phones, FRITZ!Boxes (Internet boxes), PostTV decoder as well as cables and accessories for these devices.

What happens to these devices?

If they still work, they are refurbished in workshops in Luxembourg and used again. Defective devices are dismantled, their components are sorted and they become new everyday objects.

Why bring them back?

By returning the old appliances to POST shops or by handing them over to the technicians, they are given a second life. And that's not all, we also give work to people in professional integration via local partners.
POST Luxembourg works in partnership with the Ligue HMC and Aarbechtshëllef Asbl for the recycling of the devices.

POST recycle

POST has published its fifth integrated report

Through this report, we aim to provide transparency and visibility on POST's commitment to major societal changes, such as the energy transition, responsible consumption, waste management and circularity, inclusion and quality of life at work. As a responsible actor, the POST Group aims at creating shared value that is not only financial but also social and environmental, to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive future for You, for Luxembourg, for the Future!


POST Luxembourg is moving towards Fairtrade workwear

As part of its corporate social responsibility approach, POST Luxembourg has provided its sales staff with work outfits that comply with fair manufacturing conditions. As such, since November 2020, all staff members in the POST Courrier and POST Telecom sales network have been kitted out with organic cotton jackets and sweatshirts that are Fairtrade certified.
In late 2019, POST Luxembourg launched an in-depth review of clothing suppliers with the support of the NGO Fairtrade Lëtzebuerg. Akabo, a Luxembourg-based supplier, was selected as the partner of choice, as it both fulfils Fairtrade criteria and meets requirements regarding quality and high wearing comfort.
Hjoerdis Stahl, Director of POST Courrier and Deputy managing director of POST Luxembourg, comments: “In line with our CSR approach initiated in 2012, our aim is for POST Luxembourg to strive for responsible growth of the entire Group that is not only financial, but also social and environmental. Following this initial order of more than 750 items of Fairtrade-certified clothing for a part of our staff, we will continue to progress in that direction while assessing alternatives for other types of workwear.


Isabelle Faber
Director Communication & Public Relations – CSR

Cécile Jacquemart
Responsible for CSR

38, place de la Gare,
L-1616 Luxembourg 


We have chosen to align our CSR approach with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

POST Luxembourg is labelled as a "responsible company" by the National Institute for Sustainable Development and is a member of IMS Luxembourg (Inspiring more sustainability).

We encourage our suppliers to share our commitments: discover our supplier code of conduct („Code de conduite fournisseurs“)

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Code of conduct for POST Luxembourg employees

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