An innovative company

It has a well-established reputation and is firmly rooted in Luxembourg. It is also an innovative company that adopts an open-minded approach to the world thanks to its constantly evolving activities and the diversity of its staff, who represent more than 27 different nationalities.

The POST Luxembourg Group

The POST Luxembourg Group is active in three main sectors of activity:

- Financial services
- Telecom / ICT
- Post and logistics

Missions and values

Our values support our strategy and are the pillars of our efforts. They give meaning to our vision, our missions and our goals.


Die 100.!

POST Luxembourg erweitert sein Netzwerk und installiert seine 100. PackUp 24/24 Station im Bezirk Cloche d'Or. Die ersten PackUp-Stationen, die im November 2011 in Luxembourg-Gare und...

Verbindungen knüpfen mit PackUp!

POST Luxemburg und das Rote Kreuz stricken für den guten Zweck. Ende dieses Jahres unterstützt POST Luxemburg das Centre d’accueil Norbert Ensch des Roten Kreuzes, in dem die beiden...

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