PostCloud for Business

Let a superior partner take care of your IT infrastructure

Safely access a complete range of fully integrated and easy-to-use Cloud services, leaving you to concentrate on your core business.

  • Reduce and control your IT costs
  • Relax with a single point of contact who is responsible for the end-to-end implementation of your Cloud services (Connectivity, Cloud, Internet)
  • Benefit from flexible and modular services, allowing you to choose the best combination of Cloud solutions for you
  • Take advantage of a home-grown service which allows you to customise the Cloud to your needs: your applications, your constraints, your criteria
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Managed Cloud

Public Cloud


Our solution



POST Telecom offers a full range of Cloud services:

  • Telephone service with CloudPBX
  • A collaboration service with CloudCollaboration, including messaging, real-time communications and sharing spaces
  • Your virtual work stations with CloudVDI/CloudDesk/CloudApp for private or shared work spaces
  • Your servers with CloudServer, which runs and scales your servers according to your needs
  • Store your data using with CloudDrive/CloudShare products

Choose your infrastructure


Because every company has its own IT needs, we offer 3 different types of infrastructure for your Cloud.




Build your IT infrastructure on our servers in Luxembourg

With the CloudFoundation solution you can let POST take the strain of physically managing your data centre and/or servers. We store them for you and take care of all the connectivity that comes with it. With the flagship solution Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), you have access to a share of our data centres, leaving you completely free to manage your corporate IT, including servers, storage, backups and connectivity.



The dedicated infrastructure managed by POST with a high level of partitioning

CloudCorp is a range of personalised Cloud services, ensuring a high degree of confidentiality. The infrastructure is based on tailored hardware and software resources allocated to your company. The IT environment is virtualised, dedicated and flexible, and managed entirely by us at POST, leaving you free to focus on your core business.



The shared infrastructure managed by POST at the best price

CloudBizz is a range of shared Cloud services that covers multiple data centres. Every customer has a dedicated and partitioned server space, so they can enjoy all the reliability and ease-of-use of our Cloud solutions at the best price.

The PostCloud for Business advantages


Better control of your IT costs

No up-front investment in servers or machines.

Availability, Simplicity and Reliability

Enjoy a high-quality infrastructure managed by a solid and reliable IT partner in Luxembourg.

Reduce your costs and the complexity of having to manage your applications.


As your business grows, the Cloud allows you to easily scale your IT infrastructure.

Ongoing development

As the technology and your needs are forever evolving, the Cloud offers an ever-changing range of services.

Ease of use

Cloud services are fully integrated and easy to use.

Increase user efficiency and productivity