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Carmen Engels
L-2020 Luxembourg


POST Luxembourg has acquired a stake in the Encevo S.A. group, the parent company of Creos/Enovos

Luxembourg, 21 February 2018. POST Luxembourg has signed an agreement with ENGIE, a global player in energy and related services, to take over the 4.71% it holds in Encevo, S.A., the parent company of Creos and Enovos.

The acquisition of this stake by POST has been made in the context of future developments in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

The energy industry is undergoing major changes with the progressive exit of carbon-based energy and increasing power from renewable energy sources. Renewable energy, by its nature closely related to climate conditions, is often out of step with consumer needs. These changes will, in particular, lead to delocalised energy production and to the need for temporary storage. New infrastructure and efficient, intelligent management and communication systems will be needed in order to be able to continuously adapt energy production and availability to consumer needs.

This wave of transformation is described in the Rifkin report (“The Third Industrial Revolution – Luxembourg”), which talks about the emergence of the “Energy Internet”, making Smart Grids; in other words, energy grids enhanced with information and communication technologies such as smart sensors (IoT/M2M) or the secure transmission of data collected from instantaneously and permanently interlinked websites. The use of data collected in this manner will create enormous potential in terms of energy saving, while at the same time creating new business models.

This stake is therefore a strategic convergence of two of the country's critical infrastructure providers in the context of digital transformation. Over the last few years, POST Luxembourg has developed expertise in areas associated with the demands linked to these economic changes and is today a major player in the field of telecommunications networks, ICT and IT security.

This opportunity brings the two groups together for closer future collaboration, both in the planning of infrastructure and networks and at the level of customer service. The two companies can therefore position themselves as partners and service providers in the field of smart and decentralised energy networks.

This stake grants POST Luxembourg the right to representation on the Boards of Directors of Encevo, Enovos and Creos.

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POST Luxembourg
Carmen Engels
Tel.: (+352) 2424-4224

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